Ron Jacobson

A partial list of books that I've read :

Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs -- Ken Kocienda (June, 2019)

The Accidental Superpower -- Peter Zeihan (April - May, 2019)

Good to Great -- Jim Collins (April, 2019)

Last and First Men -- Olaf Stapledon (February-March, 2019)

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller -- Ron Chernow (January - February, 2019)

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action -- Simon Sinek (January, 2019)

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet -- Katie Hafner (January, 2019)

City of Thieves -- David Benioff (January, 2019)

7 Powers: The Foundations of Business Strategy Paperback -- Hamilton Helme (December, 2018)

Shantaram -- Gregory David Robertsr (October, 2018)

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich -- William L. Shirer (August-September, 2018)

Behind the Cloud -- Marc Benioff (July, 2018)

The Chip : How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution -- T.R. Reid (July, 2018)

The Design of Everyday Things -- Don Norman (July, 2018)

Eccentric Orbits: The Iridium Story Paperback -- John Bloom (June, 2018)

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics -- Carlo Rovelli (May, 2018)

The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation -- Jay Elliot (May, 2018)

The Dip -- Seth Godin (May, 2018)

Hyperion -- Dan Simmons (March, 2018) (Didn't finish)

Beware of Pity -- Stefan Zwein (March, 2018)

The Kill Artist -- Daniel Silva (March, 2018)

Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable -- Seth Godin (January, 2018)

Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China Paperback – Evan Osnos (December -> January, 2018)

Free Will -- Sam Harris (January, 2018)

Bill & Dave: How Hewlett and Packard Built the World's Greatest Company -- Michael S. Malone (November -> December 2017)

Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success -- Brad Stulberg, Steve Magness (December, 2017)

Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography (November, 2017)

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead -- Jocko Willink, Leif Babin (November, 2017)

The Remains of the Day – Kazuo Ishiguro (October, 2017)

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life -- Marshall B. Rosenberg (October, 2017)

Personal History -- Katharine Graham (September, 2017)

Three Body Problem -- Cixin Liu (August, 2017)

Three Body Problem -- August, 2017 (August, 2017)

In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives -- Steven Levy (August, 2017)

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind -- Shunryu Suzuki (August, 2017)

Only the Paranoid Survive -- Andrew S. Grove (August, 2017)

The Hard Thing About Hard Things -- Ben Horowitze (July, 2017)

Thinking, Fast and Slow Paperback -- Daniel Kahneman (July, 2017 -- partial read)

Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates (July, 2017)

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies -- Jared M. Diamond (May->June, 2017)

The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation -- Jon Gertner (May, 2017)

The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer Hardcover – Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn (May, 2017)

Hypergrowth - David Cancel (May, 2017)

Fahrenheit 451 -- Ray Bradbury (May, 2017)

Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman Paperback – Yvon Chouinard (April, 2017)

The Winning of the West, Volume One From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi -- Theodore Roosevelt (April, 2017)

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance -- Angela Duckworth (February, 2017)

Summing Up: The Memoirs of Yitzhak Shamir Hardcover – Yitzhak Shamir (January, 2017)

World Order -- Henry Kissinger (January, 2017)

Tribal Leadership Revised Edition: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization -- Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright (January, 2017)

Ego Is the Enemy -- Ryan Holiday (January, 2017)

The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership -- Bill Walsh (January, 2017)

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon -- Brad Stone (December, 2016)

Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine -- Aaron Ross (November, 2016)

Do the Work -- Steven Pressfield (November 2016)

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari (October 2016)

Night -- Elie Wiesel (October 2016)

Seveneves: A Novel -- Neal Stephenson (September 2016)

The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu -- Jonathan Netanyahu (August 2016)

Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business -- Danny Meyer (July 2016)

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike -- Phil Knight (July 2016)

High Output Management -- Andrew S. Grove (May-July 2016)

Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley -- Antonio Garcia Martinez (July 2016)

Traction -- Gabriel Weinberg (June 2016)

Principles -- Ray Dalio (June 2016)

A Moveable Feast -- Ernest Hemingway (June 2016)

1Q84 -- Haruki Murakami (May 2016)

Powering the Future: How We Will (Eventually) Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow -- Robert B. Laughlin (April 2016)

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Hardcover � Ashlee Vance (April 2016)

Colonel Roosevelt -- Edmund Morris (March 2016)

Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly -- Bernadette Jiwa (February 2016)

Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live -- Laszlo Bock (February 2016)

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products -- Nir Eyal (January 2016)

Theodore Rex -- Edmund Morris (January 2016)

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt -- Edmund Morris (January 2016)

Behind the Cloud -- Marc Benioff (December 2015)

Managing Oneself -- Peter Drucker (December 2015)

Sam Walton, made in America -- Sam Walton (December 2015)

The Rabin Memoirs -- Yitzhak Rabin (November 2015)

Zero to One -- Peter Thiel (November 2015)

A Farewell to Arms -- Ernest Hemingyway (October 2015)

Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...and Why the Rest Don't -- Verne Harnish (September 2015)

Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide -- Michael Oren (August 2015)

Six Days of War -- Michael Oren (August 2015)

Man's Search for Meaning -- Viktor Frankl (June 2015)

A Tale of Love and Darkness -- Amos Oz (May 2015)

The Founding Fathers of Zionism -- benzion Netenyahu (March 2015)

Maverick - Ricardo Semler (February 2015)

The Thirteen Days in September: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David Hardcover � Deckle Edge (January 2015)

The Alchemist -- Paulo Coelho (December 2014)

How to Win Friends & Influence People Paperback -- Dale Carnegie (December 2014)

Business Adventures : 12 Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street -- John Brooks (November 2014)

Memories After My Death: The Joseph (Tommy) Lapid Story -- Yair Lapid (November 2014)

Platform -- Michel Houellebecq (November 2014)

Confessions of an Advertising Man -- David Ogilvy (Otcober 2014)

Second Foundation -- Isaac Asimov (Otcober 2014)

Foundation and Empire -- Isaac Asminov (Otcober 2014)

Foundation -- Isaac Asimov (September 2014)

The Jordan Rules -- Sam Smith (September 2014)

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption -- Laura Hillenbrand (May 2014)

The Hard Thing About Hard Things -- Ben Horowitze (May 2014)

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne (February 2014)

The Fountainhead -- Ayn Rand (February 2013)

Israel Through My Lens -- David Rubinger (January 2013)

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist -- Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson and Dick Costolo (Winter 2012)

My Forty Years with Ford -- Charles E Sorensen (Winter 2012)

The Gambler -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Winter 2009)

War and Peace -- Leo Tolsto (Fall 2009)

Around the World in Eighty Days -- Jules Verne (Summer 2009, South America)

When You Are Engulfed in Flames --David Sedaris (Summer 2009, South America)

The Bell Har -- Sylvia Plath (Summer 2009, South America)

Absolute Friends -- John le Carre (Summer 2009, South America)

The War of the End of the World -- Mario Vargas Llosa (Summer 2009, South America)

Rigged -- Ben Mezrich (Summer 2009, South America)

Amsterdam -- Ian McEwan (Summer 2009, South America)

The New York Triology -- Paul Auster (Summer 2009, South America)

Rabbit is Rich -- John Updike (Summer 2009, South America)

Death in the Andes -- Mario Vargas Llosa (Summer 2009, South America)

The Brothers Karamazov -- Fyodor Dostoevsky (Summer 2008)

Anna Karenina -- Leo Tolstoy (Summer 2008)

The Master and Margarita -- Mikhail Bulgakov (Summer 2008)

Great Expectations -- Charles Dickens (May 2008)

The Idiot (Vintage Classics) Paperback -- Fyodor Dostoevsky (March 2008)

The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World -- Alan Greenspan (Fall 2007)

Atlas Shrugged -- Ayn Rand (Summer 2007)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- J. K. Rowling (Summer 2007)

Crime and Punishment -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Summer 2007)

Warrior: An Autobiography -- Ariel Sharon (Summer 2007)

The Stranger -- Albert Camus (Summer 2007)

Love in the Time of Cholera -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Summer 2007)

For Whom the Bell Tolls -- Hemingway (Summer 2007)

The Autobiography of Malcolm X -- Alex Haley (Summer 2007)

One Hundred Years of Solitude -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Summer 2007)

A partial list of books that I've started but never finished :