3 Great Productivity Apps
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3 Great Productivity Apps

I've come to realize that my big computer productivity losses happen when I switch between my keyboard and mouse or when I get distracted by the endlessness of the internet. The following apps (all free) have helped me immensely with both of these problems.

1) Spectacle : How often do you manually put two windows side by side so you can compare / contrast them? Spectacle lets you do this without touching your mouse-- you can split your screen into halves, quarters, or just let one window take up the entire screen with only keyboard shortcuts. Really helpful for people with laptops / small screens. I don't know how people live without this. Big thanks to @eczarny

2) Self Control : Its just too easy to open up Chrome and find that 3 hours have passed browsing the internet. Self Control rocks here by killing this habit at the source. When its on, opening your browser to any website that you've blocked (you determine the sites you want to block) results in a blank page. Since using Self Control, my blocklist has grown to >40 sites. Thumbs up to @SteveLambert and @charliestigler.

3) Kibako : This is a newer addition to my utility belt but its already becoming indispensable. With Kibako, sharing is made very easy. You copy (?+C ) whatever you want to share (images, text). Then, ?+Shift+\ produces a shareable URL, linking to the original item, that you can message or email to anyone (e.g. https://up.kibakoapp.com/euuaSA9xo8). Its kind of like a keyboard driven bitly for your local files / test. Shout out to to @reddavis and @nickj89

I used to be a big user of LaunchBar. When I got my new laptop though, I started using Spotlight and haven't felt the need to reinstall LaunchBar.

Which apps helps you stay productive?