Motorcycle Posts - Intro
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Motorcycle Posts - Intro

I've wanted to get a motorcycle for a long time. Over the last 2 years, this desire has grown from an idea to something I actually want to do.

The best way for me to do anything is to spend money towards it. Once I'm monetarily commited, the odds are high that I'll accomplish my goal. This technique got me to start going to the gym (the $200 down payment was incentivizing) and pushed me to backpack South America (I signed up for a 3 day hike to Machu Picchu while studying for finals during McGill).

In May, I signed up for a weekend long motorcycle training course. This was the first required step towards getting a license and thus a bike.

I'm proud to say that as of June 11th I am the proud owner of a 2013 Triumph Bonneville. Stay tuned for some posts on learning to ride.