Facelift for rjjacobson.com
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Facelift for rjjacobson.com

Decided to give my website a fresh take this year.

I had been running the site on an extremely old version of Ghost (sub 1.0). It was so outdated that I wasn't able to keep up with the version updates and my domain wasn't secure (HTTPs).

Today I launched a new Digital Ocean droplet leveraging their Marketplace Apps. Essentially they spool up a server for you that's pre-configured with Ghost. It worked great. It even manages the SSL certification process through Lets Encrypt for you.

The whole process was smooth outside of my version of Ghost being so outdated that I wasn't able to import my exported historical posts. A bit of manual work later (i.e. going post by post) and the new site is live.

Still working to figure out my goals for this site moving forward. How much utility is there for a website in the Substack, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Clubhouse world we live in today? My initial instinct says none but at the same time, that leads me to believe there is in fact a utility.

Let's see.