Porter Airlines aka A Testament to Canada
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Porter Airlines aka A Testament to Canada

Porter has its own terminal in the Toronto airport. Inside, there's a cafeteria full of stocked fridges (water bottles and sodas), self-serve espresso machines, cookies, nuts, tea etc...

I don't see any airline employees working the cafeteria. Its simply an open area in the middle of the terminal where people help themselves to whatever food they want. And it's all for free. Watching the passengers interact with the kitchen is the perfect example of Canadian behavior. They just calmly get up, go to the cafetaria and take what they want in a restrained, self-organized and respectful fashion.

The cafeteria has ceramic cups for the coffee. People make their own coffee and chose how many espresso shots they want to include, just like at home. After pouring, they place their ceramic cup into a ceramic saucer and bring it back to their seat in the terminal. Once done, they bring the cups back to the cafeteria and put them in the washing machine.

In America, people would be stockpiling items. Here, they take one thing and just go back and sit. In America, there'd never be ceramic cups that could break and cause a mess. In America, people wouldn't leave their laptops unattended at their seat while they go up to the free self-serving kitchen.

I think "god, Canada is a quanity little counry" as I board the plane back to reality.