Review of Do the Work by Steven Pressfield
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Review of Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Short and quick book to read. It's written in an interesting way. Very much the author speaking directly to you. Also uses sporadic huge fonts and random positions of text on page as a wa to emphasize points.

I enjoyed the book. It calls out the inherent challenge facing anyone that tries to do something. He calls this challenge Resistance. Pressfield says Resistance is a natural force, as much so as gravity or time or anything else. Resistance is constantly there and continually trying to prevent us from accomplishing our goals.

In order to complete anything, Resistance must be overcome. It's a fact that everyone who tries to do anything must accomplish. Basically, rather than being upset at the fact that there is Resistance, the right approach is to recognize that it's normal, and take the steps to work through it. That's the real accomplishment -- getting past Resistance.

This Resistance comes at all times. To start a project obviously. But just as much to finish a project.