Start with Why -- Simon Sinek
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Start with Why -- Simon Sinek

200 word book reviews

The thesis is that it's better for companies to promote themselves based off "why" they are doing what they do vs promoting their actual what (i.e. product) or how (i.e. features). Across the board this leads to more enthusiastic employees and customers and is just a better way to get the most out of your team and to inspire the industry.

Examples of companies that do a good job of leading with why include Apple (their why is going against convention...ironic in 2018 given this book was released in 2011), Southwest Airline (putting employees ahead of everything), Harley-Davidson (America). These companies are larger than their products as they have a meaning.

Made me stop and think of if we do a good enough job of expressing Rockerbox's why (my conclusion is we don't). Given that I agree with his thesis, this has me re-thinking how we communicate Rockerbox internally and externally.

I find that many non-fiction books are too long. They have one theme and expand on it for ~200 more pages than necessary. I felt this was about this book. It would've been better suited as a long form essay / blog post.