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I've had a long and changing relationship with dishes.

Growing up, I was spoiled and never had to do them. In college, I avoided the problem by ordering in and being the crappy roommate that dissappeared whenever the sink got full. I was a professional dishwasher one summer while working at Cosi but never committed the 10,000 hours needed to perfect my craft.

I currently live in a studio in NYC. I have enough plates, bowls, cups and utensils to last for weeks. My drying rack barely fits one days worth of dishes, leaving my sink perennially crowded and my kitchen stinking.

Recently, someone recommended a great idea : fewer dishes. I jumped aboard and now use only 2 sets of plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and utensils (I moved the rest out of sight).

Today, my sink is barely full and my kitchen smells noticeably better. I still hate doing dishes and haven't washed them since the change.